About Lexly

Law made easy! Founded in 2004 Lexly now has a unparalleled position in the Nordic legal tech market. Lexly group operates under the brands avtal24, Stirling Blue, agreement24 and partly owned subsidiary Pactumize.


Magnus Stein


Magnus is a pioneer in legaltech. While working with digitalization in banking he started Lexly (former avtal24) 15 years ago. 2010 after closing the first founding round Magnus left his job as Head of Sales at Citibank and became a fulltime legaltech entrepreneur.

Niklas Nordin


Niklas has a wealth of knowledge about financing, growth and ownership strategies from his work over the past 20 years as a corporate finance advisor, private equity investor, CEO and various other ownership roles.

Daniel Bernholc

CEO Stirling blue

With 20 years of experience in the start-up scene, Daniel has an amazing track record of building and managing successful tech teams in companies such as TradeDoubler and iZettle.

Ricard Stiller

Head of Sales and Business Dev

Ricard has extensive experience in the Nordics and Baltic banking industry. With a degree in both law and business he has driven initiatives in both sales and compliance in two major banks.



Håkan Berg


Håkan has more than 30 years of experience in the Banking industry at top management level. Other board assignments are ICA Bankenand Trancendent Group.

Emma Strömfelt

Emma is CDO at AniCura Group and former Head of innovation at Swedbank. Other board assignments are Mackmyra Svensk Whisky and Bofink.

Martin Gemvik

Martin is an Investment manager at Industrifonden with more than 25 years experience in fund management and building successful companies

Anki Ahrnell

Anki has more than 30 years within business development and digitalization from companies such as Swedbank, Lowe Brindfors and IBM. Before being an active board member she was CDO for the Bonnier Group

Mårten Jansson

Mårten founded Fondia Plc, the first stock listed law company in the Nordics, together with is wife in 2004. Before starting Fondia Mårten was a partner at large Finnish law firm.

Magnus Wilkne

Magnus represent the investment company Lucky Town

Our brands

Digitizing legal services –

Stirling blue is a proven e-law platform and SaaS that helps companies and law firms increase their revenuesefficiencies 
and customer satisfaction.

Access to expert legal advice any time, anywhere! Leading law made easy service in the Nordics

Legal solutions for large corp in-house use