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Law made easy

Access to expert legal advice any time, anywhere. With cutting-edge technology and a passion for customer experience Lexly is shaping the future of legal services.

Who we are

Lexly is the leading legal tech pioneer in Scandinavia. Pursuing our vision of making legal security accessible to everyone, Lexly was the first company in Europe to create a scalable platform for legal services. We partner with banks, insurance companies and accounting firms to offer a seamless customer experience. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden Lexly is also located in Oslo (Norway) and in Copenhagen (Denmark).

Legal advice & tailored agreements

Using A.I. we are able to provide customers with legal solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Legal solutions

We offer a wide range of convienent legal solutions avaible in one digital platform.

Secure portal

All of our solutions are powered by securely-stored, GDPR-complient data.