Lexly group headquartered in Stockholm, also located in Helsinki and Sao Paolo Lexly group headquartered in Stockholm, also located in Helsinki and Sao Paolo

Lexly Group

Headquartered in Stockholm, Lexly is also located in Helsinki (Finland), Oslo (Norway), Sao Paolo, Brazil and under the LegalHero brand in Copenhagen (Denmark) .

Across the world

As the market leader in the Nordics and with a presence in Brazil, we will continue to expand into new markets and drive change in legal services. 

For more information on each country's products and services please pay a visit to our local websites.


Stockholm 1

Lexly Sweden

Lexly was first established in Sweden, where we have developed and refined our business model. Having served over 300.000 customers and secured all major banks as partners Lexly owns the Swedish market for digital legal solutions. We continue to see exciting developments in Sweden as we expand our services and deepen our partnerships.

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Illustration of Helsingfors

Lexly Finland

In 2020, Lexly acquired a local company that wanted to change the Finnish legal service industry. Since then we have leveraged the model, technology and partnerships developed and proved in Sweden to become the market leader in digital legal services in Finland.


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Illustration of Sao Paulo

Lexly Brazil

Together with a local Brazilian partner Lexly is driving change in the world's second largest legal market. The legal industry is undergoing change around the world and nowhere is more ripe for this change than Brazil. With 1.2 million lawyers serving a growing demand for legal services, Brazil offers an example of a country that stands to benefit immensely from the digitalization of legal services and justice.

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Illustration of Copenhagen

LegalHero, Copenhagen

In 2022 Lexly acquired the danish company LegalHero. LegalHero was founded in 2016 and is today a one-stop-platform for legal services for both private consumers and SMEs in Denmark. With a vision to democratize access to legal services by fundamentally changing the delivery model of legal services, LegalHero employs more than 120 lawyers and serves thousands of clients.

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Picture of city of Oslo in Norway

Lexly Norway

In January 2023 Lexly established a fully owned company in Norway. Norway was the first country we entered by building it ourselves brick by brick, with a technical platform that supports our entire global organization. A disruption in the Norwegian legal market has already started to take place and Lexly will take part and continue to drive this shift.

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